Dre Lyne Desautels

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For several years, Dr. Desautels has shared her expertise as a guest expert in shows, webinars, video clips and podcasts, while participating in various research projects.

Guest expert – SOS Menopause
Webinar produced and hosted by Chantal Lacroix and Isabelle Huot, doctor of nutrition

Menopause is not a defect, it is a life transition. This program aims to help women make this transition smoothly thanks to experts who talk about all these subjects related to this period of life: they answer all the questions, without taboos.

It is as a doctor specializing in bioidentical hormones that Dr. Desautels participates in the webinars.

Why is Lyme disease so difficult to treat?
Published on August 18, 2023 on the Videodream YouTube channel

In this video, Dr. Lyne Desautels talks about her experience and her observations regarding the reality of the patients she follows in Quebec.

Guest Expert – Documentary Loto-Méno
Documentary directed and hosted by Véronique Cloutier in 2022  

With Loto-Méno, Véro wants to lift the veil on what women experience when it comes to perimenopause, the hormonal treatments that exist and the lack of information held by health professionals.

Throughout her journey, she talks frankly about her story. She shares her experiences, sometimes alone, sometimes in the company of her “patient husband” Louis Morissette or her children. She meets with doctors Sylvie Demers and Lyne Desautels to find answers to her questions.

Dr. Desautels participates as a guest expert and physician specializing in bioidentical hormones.


  • Guest expert and collaborator – Éric Simard’s panel on bio-identical hormones (February 2023)
  • Guest expert – Be the Solution program by Isabelle Huot, Dr. in nutrition (February 2023)
  • Guest expert – Health capsules on the LCN television network (2017)


  • Clinical research in collaboration with the company Takeda on attention deficit (2021)
  • Spectrum Company Research on Medical Cannabis and Pain (2021)
  • Research on improving the quality of life and the use of medical cannabis (2018)
  • Co-evaluator, Quebec Cannabis Registry (RCQ) project (2015-2018)
  • Participation in a research project on wound care (2014)