Dre Lyne Desautels

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Since 2015, Dr. Desautels has regularly given conferences on medical cannabis and bioidentical hormone therapy.

Co-creator and Trainer

Séminaire Équilibre hormonal féminin et votre santé : mode d’emploi !
(Seminar – Female Hormone Balance and Your Health: Instructions for Use!)

May 7 to 12, 2023 | September 5 to 10, 2023 SPA EASTMAN

25 years of medicine and 25 years of naturopathy come together to talk about hormonal health guides women towards balance! Pioneers in health hormones, creators of the integrative health platform “Ma Santé Mes Hormones”, Lyne and Véronique combine their rich clinical expertise and academic background in order to offer an innovative and unique seminar.

Healthy nutrition adapted to hormonal needs, stress management, relaxation and hormonal yoga are the foundation of this seminar to which special guests will join every day to offer complementary and highly educational conferences.

This retreat is for women aged 35 and over.