Dre Lyne Desautels

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Dr. Desautels has several projects that she dreams of bringing to life. Already his vision of medicine, but even more so through the establishment of new services that meet specific needs.

The health truck: an accessible mobile clinic

A dream I’ve always cherished: my “Health truck”.
Walking around and being among people.
To go up to people and witness their environment.
To see, hear and understand what they are, what they experience. Return the doctor to the community, to the world.
Telling true stories, experiencing emotions in the reality of the world.
To feel useful and socially involved. 
This is why I will come among you!

An integrative and evolving wellness and health center

A center for well-being and wellness.
A place to restore your health.
A place to relax and unwind in nature.
Access to cutting-edge care with complementary therapies that are accessible to local people.
And an end-of-life environment in communion with nature.
Yes, this kind of center, unique here in Quebec and nowhere else!