Dre Lyne Desautels

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Founder and Owner of the CMIE Network

CMIE is a network of excellent private medical clinics founded in 2012 by Dr. Lyne Desautels, MD. Its mission is to offer preventive and integrative medicine services, empowering patients to take charge of their overall health.

CMIE provides its customers with a multidisciplinary team working on a continuum of care and offering efficient personalized solutions. Its unique customer experience is one of respect, collaboration, exchange, trust and professionalism.

Dr. Desautels surrounds herself with several collaborators, partners who have the desire to work together to restore health to clients. It is also a model of change that wants to see the Private-Public-Patient-Prevention partnership come into the world.

A real academy

CMIE is also a clinical and practical training academy which welcomes multiple health professionals in training in the form of preceptorships and clinical supervision. Dr. Desautels offers a place of learning based on clinical evaluation, the analysis process and the overall evaluation of patients. Dr. Desautels dynamically shares her expertise with her colleagues!